My name is Carrie George. I am a photographer and a poet, and I want to share my art with you.


I am always looking for ways to shop and sell more sustainably. One of the ways I am making this little business more sustainable is my thrifted frames.

When you order a print from me, a frame will be included in that purchase. I collect frames from various thrift stores, curating a collection of unique and eclectic frames to match the aesthetic of the corresponding print.

Buying frames secondhand is a great way to keep used frames from being landfilled and to reduce the need to produce newer ones.

I hope you will consider supporting this eco-conscious business.

5×7 Prints: $25

8×10 Prints: $50

Shipping across the U.S.

∗As of August 2020, 10% of all print sales and 5% of all photoshoot sales will be donated to Northeast Ohio Mutual Aid funds. I am dedicated to doing what I can to redistribute funds in order to help the surrounding community. As this business evolves, so will the effort to redirect money and resources.