Poetry Publications:

“Removing and Repositioning,” Flypaper Lit

“False Memory of the Worst Birthday Present I Ever Received,” Rogue Agent

“Without Blue,” Blood Orange Review

“There is a secret room inside you. Furnish it as you please.” 2021 Academy of American Poets Prize

“Apology to My Grandmother as a Glance Across the Kitchen,” Cosmonauts Avenue

“How to Hold Water and Other Things,” What Are Birds?

“Cut the wires together and find your new home in this rift” and “Write your own myths,” After Happy Hour Review

“Self Portrait with what I’ve found on the forest floor,” The Indianapolis Review

“Now I Know / That I Can’t Make You Stay,” Peach Mag

“Elegy for Lost Time,” “This Vehicle Makes Wide Right Turns,” and “I Play Animal Crossing Until I Can Hug My Friends Again,” Sidereal Magazine

“Translation Guide for Living Apart” and “Poem in which the anxiety does not take over,” the journal of american language

“Dwelling,” Q/A Poetry Journal

“The Man Says Kent State Means Something Different to his Generation,” Poets.org

“Bra Shopping with My Mother at 13,” The Emerson Review

“The Spider,” Gordon Square Review

“New Spring,” Watershed Review

“Apophatic” and “Raspberry Pie,” Scribendi

Hybrid Publications:

Excerpt from “Reduction Mammoplasty,” Hayden’s Ferry Review

“False Memory and I am Choked,” Jenny Magazine

“The First Dream, Pre-Surgery,” Jenny Magazine

Interviews and Reviews:

“On Dreaming, Fragment, and Intuition: A Conversation with Susan Briante,” Cleveland Review of Books